VIP Terminal Art Gallery is a Dubai-based online gallery, part of the ICM Group Limited (International Cultural Management Group), that is exclusively designated to UHNI (Ultra Healthy Net Individuals).

We have more than 10 years experience in the art market. We are a team of professional art curators, art dealers and art advisors. We all share the same passion for contemporary art.

We have organized +30 international art fairs around the world and solo art exhibitions of Salvador Dalí, Antonio Miró and Pablo Picasso in Dubai among many other art exhibitions around the world.

We’ve been a partner of choice in the international art market for one decade, which means we understand its nuances very well. We are part of the art worldwide scene, and we ensure this insight translates into every exhibition we curate.

We represent top emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. We're passionate about our collection
and our artists, and we are always looking for talented artists with positive attitudes to join our community.

We are a juried platform, and we are seeking artists who are the right fit for our business and collectors.

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For more information or any questions please contact us.