Manu Algueró

From the moment Manu Alguero put a pencil to paper, he knew he was destined to be an artist. He was born in Barcelona in 1976 and  studied in the Art Academy Mataro. He went on to study Graphic Design in IDEP, Barcelona and Art & Fashion in San Martin, London. Manu knew that the best way to learn was to explore different cultures and interact with the experts in his field. He loved making sketches and exploring his passion, but he had to find something that was unique. He yearned to be part of the artistic world and wanted to stand out. Being just another painter wasn’t going to make him happy, and he continued to search for his true calling. 

 A big part of how Manu defines himself and his success is through his family. They own a demolition company, and he has spent plenty of time learning about the family business. The first time he saw a building get demolished, he was fascinated. He watched the bricks crumble and devolve, yet take a new shape that was beautiful and fresh. It was like new life had been breathed into the building even though it had been destroyed. He was amazed by the amount of power it took to both destroy what was old and create something new.

The act of demolition was as powerful as the Big Bang that created the glowing stars and massive planets. He knew then that he had to translate this power and story telling into his art. Destruction was not seen as a negative thing to him. It was a way to clear a path for something new and exciting. It created a blank slate for him to reinvent himself. Painting on a canvas was a thrilling experience, but it was nothing like being an active participant in molding pieces of a puzzle to create something with power rumbling through his fingertips. Art like this could not be forced. He had to embrace the spontaneity and unpredictable results of this type of art.

An explosion is the act of creating something new. It may cause a change to something old, but ultimately it is the beginning of what comes after the explosion. It’s a new chapter in a book and the evolution of life. Change is a natural state in life and Manu wants to express the beauty of change and new perspectives through his art. Through some exploration, Manu discovered the new movement of explosive art. He learned about artists that worked in this medium and did his best to understand the new direction that the art world was taking.

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